Move Media News – March 2015

The beginning of a new year is always interesting for a media company. Working on proposals and pitches; delivering proposals, pitches and the daunting budgets that go with. Waiting for sponsors to confirm they got your budget approved for their 2015/2016 fiscal year planning. For Move Media it has been no different. Exiting times but more on that next month.

We have had a busy start to 2015. We have just completed the PBL (Premier Boxing League) finale in East London with the winning boxer taking a massive R1 million prize money. PBL changing the face of boxing in South Africa forever! We are happy to announce that Move Media have been commissioned for PBL 2 and are busy with budgets and planning. We have two local broadcasters waiting for our proposal – it will be bigger and better – oh and more spectacular!!

Our holding company, Caban Investments have commissioned us to do various videos for some of their projects:

  • Atlantis Forum
  • Khayalitsha
  • Caban Investments UK
  • Caban Investments
  • UREG Investments Limited

Then a passion of our director Mark van Hoff, cooking; we have been commissioned to film an internet cooking series that will support a Green Fresh Food delivery service with Chef Sam – I Made This.

In May we kick off, pun intended, the Rumble 1 Series for Eurosport. This is a mixed Fighting Style Event with 4 per year starting in Cyprus for 2015. We have been commissioned with the task of Technical Director: TV production and overall Event coordinator running the Live show on the night. The event goes live to 44 countries throughout Europe and will be live streamed to millions around the world. A huge accomplishment for Move Media.

But what would life at work be without music!! We are in final stages of confirming two of Southern Africa’s Music festivals – one supplying the full video gear and production for big screens and VIP monitors at the venue (recorded for post video), and the second to record (and party) over a 4 day festival getting the REAL peoples point of view at this 21 year old epic music festival. The post video edit will be to make you all green with envy that you will NEVER miss getting your dance shoes to the next and forever more!

Another big project running in the background for 2015 is the drive to find investors/partners to join us in getting funds for Move Media. Our aim is to purchase a full HD 5 camera multicam video and audio rig to allow us to keep with our global corporate mantra to be able to offer the smaller entrepreneurs we support to professionally reach their target market.

Wishing you all a massive 2015 – hoping you all achieve your objectives for the year and grow with us!

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